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Velotec Link Partner
Product design and development of scientific, medical and industrial products, sub assemblies and components.
Axiom Analytical, Inc.
Sample interfacing equipment for mid-infrared, near-infrared, and UV-Vis spectroscopy.
Horiba Instruments, Inc.
Manufacturer of instruments for particle size, surface area, and microstructure characterization.
J E Meinhard Associates Inc.
Supplies glass concentric nebulizers and accessories for ICP/ICP-MS, etc. This page contains product information, maintenance tips, and FAQs.
Jelight Company, Inc.
Products include ultraviolet mercury lamps and additive metal halide lamps, ballast transformers, eprom erasers, ozone generators, and UV curing equipment.
Buys, renovates, sells, and installs optical table products.
Mideo Systems, Inc.
Makes video microscopy products for use in forensics, medicine, manufacturing, and other industries.
QCM Research
Small business specializing in the manufacture of quartz crystal microbalances and controllers for use in laboratories and in space.
Telescopes, binoculars, spotting-scopes and rifle-scopes.
SOMA Scientific Instruments
Manufacturers of bio-medical equipment for cellular and neuro-biology.
South Bay Technology, Inc.
Designs and markets advanced specimen handling, cutting, lapping, polishing and preparation equipment for materials characterization.