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Considering Breast Augmentation in Orange County

Whether to boost self confidence and build greater self esteem, to fill better out that bathing suit or simply to feel more feminine, there are many reasons that women may opt to have a breast augmentation. Regardless of the reason for seeking out an augmentation, whether it is to restore damage done by mastectomy or injury or just to feel better about oneself, there are many things that lead women to consider the procedure.

Beyond the bathing suit or the perfect little black dress, breast augmentation can help provide balance to your body making it more proportional.

Not all of us are born with the ideal body to the perfect proportions, if the area that is off balance for you are your breasts and you are tired of dealing with the imbalance it is time for a consultation.

Having a consultation with a medical professional can be the best way to evaluate whether or not you really want to undergo the surgical procedure. Your doctor will thoroughly discuss the whys and wherefores of the procedure, along with your reasoning on why you feel a breast augmentation may be for you. After all, this is far more complicated and permanent than a change in hairstyle or wardrobe, and should be carefully considered before being undertaken. This is about your self confidence and being comfortable in your own skin.

Talking with the doctor during your consultation will also help you understand the limitations of breast augmentation surgery. There are some things that this surgery just can't do for you. Talking with your doctor will help you not only see what augmentation can do for you, but if it can't meet your expectations the doctor will be able to go over your options with you.

It is important right now for you to answer one question. Are you doing this for you? The bottom line is that you need to consider what is going to make you happy when you look in the mirror or try on that new top. You shouldn't have this surgery done to please what someone else thinks you should look like.

There are other requirements for having breast augmentation surgery. All surgery, regardless of the type is not an option for everyone. This is equally as true here. You need to be healthy and have realistic expectations of what augmentation can do for you. You also need to be an adult. It is important that before having breast augmentation that your breasts are fully developed.

When preparing for your consultation, you need to be honest with yourself and your doctor if this procedure is going to help you. This is no time to sugar coat anything or be timid and shy. Explain to your doctor exactly why you are looking into have this procedure and what your expectations are (in regards to end results).

At your consultation you need to be ready to discuss with your doctor when you want to have the surgery. You need to fully disclose any and medical conditions you have and are being treated for. Make sure if you are taking medications you bring a list of them with you. This list needs to include any holistic and natural supplements that you are taking. Be prepared to tell of any other surgeries you have had and if you have any family history of breast cancer as well as any results from any mammograms or breast related surgeries you have had.

Once you and your physician both are armed with all of the facts, a well informed, thoroughly thought out decision can be made about the possibility of a breast augmentation procedure.
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